"Chameleon" - Trap Soul Beat by Girl on the Beat

About "Chameleon" - a Trap Soul Beat

Looking for a fresh trap soul beat for sale? This track is perfect for a track rider and has the feel of the dirty South. The piano is prevalent in this beat so if you need a piano rap beat or piano soul beat, this may work for you. It has a chill beat feel but with the right lyricist, vocalist or rapper could become a sure fire hit in the trap soul genre.

Picture this: a smooth, mellow rhythm that gently bumps in the background, mixed with the soulful vibes that really hit the heart. It’s the type of music that you’d play on a long car ride, or when you’re just chilling at home thinking about life. Girl on the Beat has a magic touch, blending beats and feelings in a way that feels fresh and alive. Her latest creation isn’t just a song; it’s a mood, a moment, and a journey all rolled into one.

Software & Plugins Used to Make Beat

Available Licenses

    • Free – includes producer tag
    • MP3 Lease – $14.95
    • WAV Lease – $24.95
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this beat available for free?
    Yes. All beats on this site are available for free mp3 download.
  2. How much does it cost to remove the voice tag?
    The lowest price for a beat without the voice tag is a $14.95 lease.
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