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A celebrated vocalist has gone back to her roots - producing rap beats for sale.

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About GOTB

Montreea GOTBBorn in Monroe, Louisiana, Montreea who now produces under the moniker Girl on the Beat began singing at age 2 and playing music at age 10. She graduated with honors from the High School for Performing & Visual Arts. She is also a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston with a double major in music business & audio engineering where she attended master classes by Patti LaBelle, Oleta Adams, Sting & Quincy Jones.


In 2005, she was named a Black Heritage Society Jr. Achiever.  The next year, she was awarded a 2006 Texas Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2007, The Houston Chronicle named her Houston’s Ultimate Musical Multitasker. GOTB has toured extensively sharing stages with Marvin Sapp, Fantasia, Percy Sledge, Brian Courtney Wilson and many more.


In 2010, GOTB won the Houston finals of the Most Powerful Voices contest. In 2011, GOTB was nominated for a My Gospel Soul Award & won a 2011 Fresh Award. In 2012, she was a semifinalist in the Unsigned Music Only competition beating out thousands of singers. Within a year, she beat out 15,000 singers to land on BET’s Sunday Best. Her testimony is featured in the 2018 film, Here’s My Heart. In 2019, GOTB celebrated releases on SubUrban Records (Europe), Soulful Legends (US), Check It Out Records (Europe) & House 4 Life Records (US). 


Dubbed an “underground musical genius” by Curve Magazine, GOTB has received press in many publications including The New York Times, Computer Music Magazine, Blues & Soul Magazine, URB Magazine, David Atlanta Magazine, The Dallas Morning News and Rolling Stone Magazine.

“I believe in hard work, persistence and dedication. I'm a lot of things but lazy ain't one.”

Girl on the Beat

Common Questions About Rap Beats

  1. studio, recording, record-4004849.jpgWhere can I find beats to rap on?
    The internet is a vast land of beat sites but I prefer Beatstars, Soundclick and Traktrain. Each of these sites provides a variety of rap beats for sale.
  2. How much does a rap beat cost?
    On this site, all rap beats are free and include a vocal tag. The sites I mentioned above also offer free beats. 
    The next step up would be a lease.  The typical beat lease ranges from $10 to $50 on most sites.  Here on GOTB, I offer leases for $14.95. Connect with me if you need a beat.
  3. Where can I find high quality beats?
    YouTube and Instagram are a great way to network and find dope beats.  Reach out through email or DM and try to connect.  What’s the worst that could happen?  They say no or don’t respond.  Just move on to the next connect.

My Favorite Beat Software & Studio Equipment

  1. microphone, study, radio-1562354.jpgAbleton Live – once revered as an EDM software, Ableton has quickly risen into a star in hip hop, R&B, pop and trap.  The ability to automate functions and shape sound is second to none. Yes it costs but if you’re serious, it’s worth every penny. Some of the dopest rap beats for sale are created in Ableton. Get in the game and up your craft!
  2. MPC Beats – the best FREE beat making software – period.  It works with third party plugins but the jewel of MPC Beats is its sample library.  Grab all of the free kits and start cooking up. “Ain’t Nuthin” is the 1st beat I did in MPC Beats.
  3. Arcade Output – for ten bucks a month you get an enormous sample library of sounds, loops, lines, breaks and riffs that syncs seamlessly with your DAW – any key, any tempo. Updates are done on a regular basis so expect fresh sounds all day every day. Gamechanger!
  4. Nexus – I’m a Nexus girl.  Nothing against Omni but I’ve just gravitated to this synth. A bit pricey but I’m covered for sounds, instruments and drums. If you produce rap beats for sale, this is essential.