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Download the beat for free (w/tag).

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All leases start at $14.95.

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Exclusive beats start at $199.95.

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Get to know beat extraordinaire Girl on the Beat.

Berklee College of Music grad and industry vet, Montreea has returned to her production roots and now produces as Girl on the Beat.  With a bevy of free beats, exclusive tracks, and affordable leases, her new beat site serves all types of talent.  

Girl on the Beat Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between free beats and an exclusive beats for sale?
    Free beats include a voice tag and are for non-profit purposes only.  Exclusive beats allow an artist to use for profit purposes.
  2.  Are trackouts included with exclusive beats?
    All exclusive beats for sale include trackouts.
  3. What software do I use?
    Most beats are done in Ableton Live or MPC Beats. 
  4. Should you buy exclusive rights to a beat?
    It depends. Are you using the beat for promotional uses only or on a free mixtape?  If so, a free beat works best but if you plan on taking your career to the next level and wish to make money, then an exclusive beat is perfect because you will exclusive use of the song.
  5. How much do exclusive beats cost?
    Exclusive beats are as low as $199.95.


Whether you’re curious about licenses, a free beat, or a customized track, I’m here to answer any questions. Contact me here.