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“Hole” – [Eminem Type Beat Download] – Free – Lease – Exclusive

About this Eminem Type Beat Download

If you are looking for an experimental, futuristic Eminem type instrumental, take a listen to  Girl on the Beat’s newest track, “Hole”. Moving dark synths set the soundscape and are complimented by a haunting piano. This beat requires a master lyricist that thinks outside of the box. Try this Eminem type beat download. It will challenge your pen, cadence and delivery. 


Software & Plugins Used to Make Beat

  • Ableton Live (DAW) – GOTB’s primary digital audio workstation is unparalleled and remains a staple in hip hop production.
  • Output Arcade (VST) – Try 1 month free
    • contains massive library of processed drum sounds motion synths and pads
  • Nexus (VST)
    • one of music’s most powerful synths, capable of producing complex arpeggios and realistic sounds

Available Licenses

    • Free – includes producer tag
    • MP3 Lease – $14.95
    • WAV Lease – $24.95

Check out “Hole” a new Eminem type beat on YouTube.

Need a Custom Beat?

Feel free to email GOTB or head over to the Contact page.

Custom beats are available in many genres including:





Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Eminem’s rap style?
    Eminem is versatile with controlled delivery, complex rhyme schemes, and perfectly timed cadences. He can rhyme seamlessly from pop records to Dre sculpted hip-hop beats.
  2. Do rappers use type beats?
    Yes. Type beats are now a staple across the music industry and have propelled platinum hits.
  3. What other licenses are available? You may choose from unlimited, trackout and exclusive beat licenses.

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